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MABAZER is an e-commerce app that focuses on customer preferences and allows them to choose their bouquet with more flexibility, creativity, and ease.

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, MABAZER lets customers design their own bouquet from scratch, choosing their own flowers preferences, choosing from a wide selection of flower types and colors, creating and receiving a bouquet that was once only an idea.

If users prefer, they can customize one of our recommended bouquets to fit their tastes and create the bouquet they want.

From the moment the user finished shaping their personal and special bouquet, our user interface will allow them to track their order with ease, from the preparation until the courier rings in their doorbell. 

There are few things that are special as creating for your love once, or even for yourself - we grow from helping people do it.

The motivation for choosing the paper project is my great love for flowers. Anyone who loves flowers like me has a hard time finding a store, farmer, or app that encourages the purchase of custom-made flowers. I started checking which stores offer oil services, today there is a very wide range of online stores, but they offer built-in bouquets or "surprise" bouquets, the customer does not know what the choice will get from the weaver.

Frame 1 (1)_edited.png

I chose to embrace visual and functional inspirations from two familiar apps.

To create a comfortable, easy, focused, and familiar user experience. Visually I decided to take a leftover from an Instagram app that illustrates and gives space to photos, my goal being for the flowers to be a very big part of the colorfulness and vividness of the app. So I chose to give a very big place to be appointed in the field. Functionally I decided to take a leave from the Volt app, understanding a user to know where he is at each stage of the purchase without illustrating this.

The control of the user in the application is easy and focuses on the goal.



Frame 2 (1).png

The MABAZER app is aimed at flower consumers who like to choose the content of their bouquet and who are available for purchase online. MABAZER brings the selection of flower shops to you for the sofa and allows you to choose comfortably from a wide selection of flowers and decorative tools.

I chose to use a romantic color palette, to give the user the feeling when he enters a flower shop to purchase something that evokes emotion in him or towards someone else. The logo is symbolic, emphasizing the pronunciation of the app through the typography highlight. I created a logo that allows abstraction to graphic worlds, to understand how the graphic world expresses the physical world and gives the computer in the work.

Style guide



Frame 418 (1).png

Primary colors

Frame 3.png

Secondary colors


Frame 422.png


There is no explicit button that says ‘edit’, however, while starting a bouquet from scratch, it’s clear that the user is in edit mode.

In this stage, the main focus is on flexibility and creativity. 
The creative mind of the client drives the shopping process, they can simply choose from different sections, look for a specific kind of flower, or choose a  flower from a bouquet they liked and saved. 

Create a bouquet from scratch 

Frame 6 (1).png
Frame 7.png

MABAZER is built for people who know their flowers, people who likes to stay specific and stick to the kind of flowers that suits them perfectly. After the user chose a flower they liked, MABAZER will add some colorful touch, suggesting some greens to be added and different colors to the same kind of flowers the users chose.

Frame 6.png
Frame 6 (2).png

While flexibility is important, it’s always a good idea to get some suggestions from an expert.

In this stage, after the users finished arranging their bouquets, MABAZER will suggest creative addition that will make the bouquet even prettier.

Frame 6 (4).png
Frame 7 (1).png

This is the final stage, the user chooses the shipping address and payment method, and will be redirected to checkout. However, even in this final stage, It’s never too late! the user can change anything they like in their bouquet. This option continues the track of flexibility initially suggested and increases the trust in MABAZER app.

Frame 6 (5).png

As soon as the user sent the order, they can follow the entire shipping process until they receive the bouquet they created from scratch using MABAZER


MABAZER is built for everyone! You don’t have to be a florist to get a fabulous bouquet, like every florist, MABAZER is suggesting a pre-made bouquet, designed and suggested by our florist. Unlike most florists, MABAZER allows the user to edit and modify the bouquet as they wish without any constraints as if they started it from scratch.

Order a pre-made bouquet 

Frame 6 (6).png
Frame 6 (7).png

With the pre-made bouquet option, the user can also remain updated throughout the entire shipping process until they receive the bouquet they chose and customized using MABAZER.

Frame 7 (2).png
Frame 6 (8).png

The user received the bouquet they chose and customized using MABAZER.

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