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When I was asked to make a one peger website during my studies, I tried to think of an unconventional object.
An object that you can find everywhere around and yet it does not receive much attention.

This one-pager aims to explain the attributes of the wood screw it's promoting for amateur woodworkers. It communicates the information in a clear, visual, and user-friendly manner.

In search of inspiration, I looked for online construction stores that offered detailed information regarding the products they sell, but unfortunately, I was not able to find any, most of the information is technical details for professionals.

Style guide

I chose to use pictures that express the usage of the product, emphasizing the fact that the screw is designed especially for woodwork. Moreover, a varied, unisex color palette, is in use, underlining that woodwork is not just for men as traditionally thought.
In addition, as part of the view transition, I created a motion that resembles the motion of a screw.


Frame 419.png


Frame 420.png


Frame 421.png


Frame 94.png

Mobile Prototype

Desktop Prototype

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