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B2C mobile e-commerce website focusing on engagement rings.

The main objective is to allow the customer to securely and easily buy luxury jewelry online, without compromising the sense of romance and tenderness that is reserved for jewelry shopping.  

Out of business considerations, the design focuses on engagement ring products, reserving the entire upper section for the promotion of this category.


Another important focus is the buyer's experience. Jewelry purchase can be confusing, therefore, throughout the purchase flow, there are information points that guide and help the user to make the best possible. For example, ring size guide, diamond evaluation guide, etc.


There are many jewels that have no websites at all, or their website contains only general and outdated information. Allowing users which are driven by an urge for a romantic gesture to browse 24/7 available website, friendly, clear, and safe e-commerce website is a major business advantage for the jeweler.

Competitors research

Needless to say, the user can easily ask questions, get the jeweler's advice, or even issue a custom request. The users will leave their details in a dedicated form and the jeweler will contact them with answers.


Once I received the request for redesigning this e-commerce website, there were two main guidelines that I wanted this website to communicate - romance and simplicity.

Jewelry are beautiful and romantic pieces sourced by nature and crafted by man, which makes them luxurious and simple at the same time, so the website must be guided by those two important aspects.

Style guide

Using unique typography, the website logo emphasizes beauty and luxury which are the foundation of the diamonds and jewelry domain.


LOGO (1).png


Frame 428 (1).png


Frame 3 (1).png


Frame 429 (4).png

In this prototype, the user needs help from the jeweler in order to complete the order. When the user is finished with this flow, they select the "other" ("אחר") option and leave their contact details so that the jeweler can contact them.

Jeweler assistance flow

The prototype presents a scenario where the user has made their choice with certainty. Upon choosing the diamond size, cut style, color, etc, the user approves and completes the order.

Purchase flow

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