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HOSPIMAPS is a cutting-edge appointment management app.

The app is designed for medical staff, patients, and hospital visitors. It helps users to navigate the medical, keep their appointment organized, get access to relevant medical information, etc.


This project is motivated by a personal pain point.

For a long period of time, my family and I were attending various hospitals for continuous medical procedures and exams.

Navigating a hospital is a thought quest and it hits you right away from the moment you step in. Moreover, getting familiar with a certain medical center not always eases navigation as those places are very dynamic and change repeatedly over a short period of time, therefore, the pain point of navigation is something even the professional medical staff are experiencing.  

There are various applications that are planned and designed to solve similar problems as described above. For example “Maccabi medical services” released an application which is assisting with navigating its own medical centers, and a similar application is available by “Ichilov medical center”, for navigating in it.

However, currently, there is no application that offers a holistic solution to this problem, supporting all medical services providers in all national medical centers.

HOPSIMAS provides solutions for many pain points in the healthcare domain, it’s designed to make the difficult, confusing experience of visiting a medical center, a little bit simpler. 

Competitors research

Style guide

The traditional colors associated with medical care are greens and blues, however, I chose warm, easy-going, and joyful colors in order to create a warm and cozy environment for the users.

A target sign is used to emphasize the main essence of the application which is navigation. Furthermore, the logo implies that the application will keep the users focused, contained, and orgenized during their usage.


Frame 2 (4).png


Frame 418 (2).png

Primary colors

Frame 419 (1).png

Secondary colors

Frame 420 (1).png


Frame 422.png

Signup flow

The navigation feature is open also for guests - no signup is required!

Signed-up users enjoys the full experince of planning and scheduling assistance, pre-visit checklists, on-time appointment reminders etc


In addition to the common navigation capabilities,

using HOSPIMAPS each user gets a unique, tailor-made experience

As a patient, HOSPIMAPS eases appointment planning and scheduling.

For example, using HOSPIMAPS, the patient can get a walk outside while waiting for their appointment, the application will notify right before it’s their turn to get in.
Moreover, HOSPIMAPS will help the patient with their pr-visit checklist, suggesting relevant medical information, and will automatically set a reminder in their schedule so they won’t miss the appointment.


Frame 6 (2).png
Frame 6 (3).png
Frame 6 (4).png
Frame 7 (1).png

HOSPIMAPS is very useful for visitors. Instead of getting lost in the hospital mazes and mistakenly disturbing stranger patients, visitors can fill in the phone number of the patient they are visiting, and HOSPIMAPS will do the rest. The application will feed the visitor with directions to the room the pentient is treated while underlying some points of interest such as a gift shop, and a cafeteria along the way.


Currently, medical staff users are using the application as if they were visitors, enjoying the capability of seamlessly navigating to their patient beds.

In the future, medical staff could authenticate, and the application would manage their schedule, get the medical history of their patients, etc. 

Medical staff

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